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Every Venue...

Every venue needs trained security personnel to provide security, assistance, crowd management, crowd control, crowd direction, crowd assistance, public protection, guest services, ticket taking, entry stamp guards, guard services, hosts, celebrity escorts and more.

ESP provides venues and events well trained, highly qualified event staff to help promote awareness, distribute products, protect crowds, protect our client's assets, manage crowds.

Our employees help our clients achieve outstanding results for productions and events of any size.

ESP provides security management and is a full service event staffing agency with flair and years of expertise.

We Do It Well and We Do It With Pride

Event Staffing Services...

From simple ticket taking to heavy event security guards, ushers, guards, crowd management, security protection detail, access control, VIP security, Guest Services, Personal Protection, Parking Lot Attendants and Security Management and much more, ESP (Event Staffing Professionals) can help mange every event successfully and professionally.

We provide the staffing for large and small events. If there will be a large gathering of people, we can make sure there are enough bodies to manage and control the flow of traffic, ensure safety, provide assistance or manage the crowds.

Our Event staffing agency can offer event staffing jobs for local competition and help the local job market out in your area, as well. So hiring ESP for your local event or local venue can provide much needed income to your area as well as having the best Event Staffing Agency work your production, event or venue.

More Than Just Events...

Our Event Staffing company can provide Golfing Events Staffing, Fair Grounds Employees, Party Event Staffing, Stadium Staff, Concert Security, Concert Employees, Basketball Game Ushers, Sports Ticket Takers, Concert Ticket Takers, Convention Staffing and Security, Sports Events Staffing and Security, Trade Show Event Staffing and Security - and much more.

Chances are... if it is an event or venue, concert or protection service - ESP can provide the needed workforce to manage, secure, promote and maintain your event, venue or party.

Fully Licensed




Providing top of the line event and venue staffing for every major and minor personnel need. We provide highly trained, uniformed staff that will help you provide the best entertainment, best show, best event with the least amount of worries. Our staff will help you with security, checking bags, pat downs, bodyguard duties, ticket taking, ingress and egress points, access entry points, clean up staff, security staffing, crowd management, crowd maintenance and crowd exiting.

Our Company...

Our Event Staffing members, guards and employees are all hand picked - based on the needs of the events.

We are very professional and we provide the best crowd management, parking management, security management based on each event or venue requirements.

We employ off-duty Police Industry Officers, College students in excellent shape and many others based on each individual need of the Security Requirements or needs of the Event.

Our Management Team is highly trained and has the expertise to expertly choose the right event staffing professionals for each type of event. Our clients are highly satisfied with our event security guard services and refer us to other industries for their next event or venue. We proud of our hard work and proud of our employees. Many of them have stayed with us to continue their careers in the protection field.

Our Event Staff work hard for our clients and ESP can proudly say that every sporting event, every concert security event, every celebrity we've provided security for, every State Fair, every theme park we've worked at or provided staff for has asked us to provide work for them again when the need for crowd management came up. We love what we do and it shows!

-Glen Ratcliff